In addition to our office based services we are offering online legal assistance to Foreign Nationals, Overseas Pakistanis, Corporate Bodies having their interest within Pakistan. We have sophisticated set up with necessary resources and contacts to register Legal documents with the concerned Registrar. In addition to the areas of expertise our online services include but not limited to the followings categories and documents specified therein

Law of Conveyance

  1. Agreement to Sell
  2. Tenancy Agreement
  3. Agreement to construct between the owner and the contractor
  4. Hire-purchase agreement
  5. Relinquishment Deed

Family law

  1. Separation agreement between husband and wife
  2. Divorce Deed or Talaknama
  3. Child Custody Agreement


  1. Arbitration Agreement
  2. Agreement to submit to Arbitration


  1. Partnership Deed
  2. Deed of admission of Partner
  3. Deed of Partnership between more than two partners
  4. Deed of dissolution of Partnership
  5. Agency Agreement

Power of Attorney

  1. Power of Attorney to present documents for registration
  2. Special power of attorney for a court case
  3. Special power of attorney to execute a sale deed
  4. General Power of attorney
  5. Power of attorney to pleader for a court case
  6. Deed of revocation of Power of Attorney


  1. Deed of sale of a House
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Sale Deed- when part of consideration is paid before execution and part is agreed to be paid after registration
  4. Agreement to Sell
  5. Sale Deed by Attorney
  6. Sale by Guardian of a Minor
  7. Deed of Sale, Mortgagees Joining
  8. Deed of Sale by Co-owners of undivided property
  9. Deed of Sale by Vendor- with limited power of disposition
  10. Deed of Sale of a business and assignment of Goodwill
  11. Deed of Sale of Decree


  1. Deed of Gift of Property in consideration of natural love and affection
  2. Deed of Gift of Property for particular purposes
  3. Deed of Gift of Land in trust to charity

Mortgages and Pledges

  1. Mortgage by Conditional Sale
  2. Deed f simple Mortgage
  3. Deed of Usufructuary Mortgage
  4. Deed of release of Mortgage Property (Deed of Redemption)


  1. Notice to Debtor
  2. Notice by Pleader to Debtor
  3. Notice by Landlord to Quit
  4. Notice by Tenant to Quit
  5. Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
  6. Notice of Dishonor of Cheque
  7. Notice to Registrar of Firms
  8. Notice by Vendor to complete a purchase
  9. Notice by Purchaser to complete a Sale


  1. Will
  2. Codicil to Will
  3. Codicil reviving will and providing for wife and future children


  1. Contract for Lease (Lease Agreement)
  2. Lease of Plot of Land and / or House
  3. Lease of Agriculture Land
  4. Deed of Surrender of Lease
  5. Deed altering conditions in a Lease
  6. Deed modifying Terms of Lease

Partition Deed

  1. Demand of Partition
  2. Agreement for Partition


  1. Waqt Alal-Aulad
  2. Waqf for Public Purposes

Settlements and Trusts

  1. Deed of Settlement by Mother in Favor of Children
  2. Deed of Family Settlement
  3. Deed of Trust


  1. Deed of Exchange of Properties
  2. Deed of Exchange of Properties where money is paid to Equalize

Guarantees and Indemnities

  1. Guarantees for Payment of Debt
  2. Guarantee to pay for Goods Supplied
  3. Indemnity Bond (in the form of Agreement)
  4. Indemnity Given to the Bank
  5. Indemnity to Tenant Paying rent to a Person whose title is in dispute

In addition to the above specified categories and documents specified therein, we can help in drafting a Deed of Rectification of Mistakes in a Previous Deed and Deed of Cancellation of Previous Deed. Furthermore, we have every arrangement to register the documents for you with the Registrar concerned where the document requires so.

NOTE:   You can choose to have your documents emailed to you, or sent by first class post. We aim to prepare your documents by the end of the three working days, although in practice we normally start preparing your document within hours of receiving payment.