UK Nationality and Immigration law can be a particularly challenging and complex area of law due to the UK Border Agency’s constant change of policies and the introduction of new rules and regulations. We therefore aim to make a significant difference to achieve the most favourable outcome for our clients by assisting them in a purely legal manner.

Our experienced immigration team can provide legal advice and assistance in various matters including Initial Applications, Administrative Review and Appeals.

We can help in drafting your visa application in accordance with the immigration law and rules applicable in the UK. We are currently dealing with the following categories:

  • Initial Applications
  • Administrative Review
  • Appeals

In addition to the aforementioned categories our Immigration lawyers also have extensive experience in drafting applications for the dependants on compassionate grounds (Human Rights grounds) where you are seeking help to join a relative in the UK as a dependant, for example as a parent or grandparent, son or daughter, wife or husband etc. We will provide you legal assistance to ensure that you comply with all of the Home Office criteria.

Our advice is not only legal based upon what is written in the guidance notes which are issued by the UK Border Agency, but on a thorough understanding and knowledge of the immigration rules and laws. Therefore, we anticipate any legal issue that might occur with an application so as to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Being a law firm of international stature, we purely deal with the legal aspects of the matter, therefore, we will advise you on the legal requirements of your initial applications, your eligibility, content of documentation required, administrative review / appeals in case of refusals and approximate processing timescales as laid down by the Home Office/ UK Courts.

We assure you that you will be represented by the qualified members of our team within the UK. We have a team of qualified lawyers within the UK who have experience of successfully representing clients before the Courts and Immigration Tribunals in the UK, with the ability to argue complex legal issues.

We offer our clients confidentiality, commitment and promise to deal with your matter with professionalism and integrity. We advise you on the potential consequences and prospects of success with discretion, whilst maintaining a high quality of service.