The Firm has substantial experience of advising both suppliers and customers on a broad range of commercial contracts across many different sectors. Its experiences include negotiating, commercial contracts for services, licensing, development, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, maintenance and support agreements.


The Firm offers advise on of laws that relate to private and public investments  in Pakistan, bilateral treaties between the Government of Pakistan and others, taxation treaties and international conventions, infrastructure development, power generation, roads, oil and gas, and telecommunications sector. The Firm has addressed issues  relating to sovereign contracts (including sovereign guarantees), debts and dispute resolution with institutional or foreign investors. The Firm assists foreign investors in negotiating special status or arrangements both on security of operations and investments.


The Firm has extensive experience of advising on joint ventures, strategic alliances and has advised on some of the major joint ventures taking place in Pakistan in the past few years. It is equally at home with smaller joint ventures, advising either investors or entrepreneurs in the start-up phase. It has expertise in rapidly developing sectors such as publishing, financial services, new media, telecoms,  aerospace, airlines, shipping, energy and e-commerce, as well as in more mature markets such as real estate.


The Firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions team has experience and expertise in complex, high-value work as well as a range of smaller transactions. It advises on the full range of deal structures from public takeovers, tender offers through to divestments,  auctions and demergers. Its capability is focused on several sectors including energy & utilities, financial institutions, communications, media & technology, and private equity.


ABS & Co offers specific expertise in consultative advice, drafting, and policy advocacy related to Free Trade Agreements, and Preferential Trade Agreements etc. In this respect the Firm has developed a network of national and international experts who are available to the Firm on major economic and trade sectors including domestic regulation, international dispute settlement, and offshore litigation.